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Michael B Jordan and Tessa Thompson Fight Cybercriminals in Amazon’s New PSA

The Creed co-stars are internet bodyguards in a joint campaign with the National Cybersecurity Alliance

According to Amazon, personal data was involved in 58% of data breaches in 2020.Amazon, National Cybersecurity Alliance

Adweek | August 23, 2022 | by Leslie Blount

In case the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can browse safely through the internet without worrying about being hacked or having your identity stolen is not appealing enough as an incentive to beef up your security measures, perhaps the stars of this new PSA might be more convincing.

Michael B. Jordan and Tessa Thompson trade in their action hero suits to assume the roles of internet bodyguards in “Protect & Connect,” a PSA campaign created in partnership with Amazon and the National Cybersecurity Alliance to educate consumers on the importance of protecting themselves online.

In the spot, produced by Prime Video and shot by director Paul Hunter, Jordan and Thompson unsuccessfully attempt to deter a young gamer from succumbing to a phishing scam. As a result, the duo—who previously co-starred in the Creed film series—are forced to battle a host of descending cybercriminals with punches and flying keyboards until they’re finally vanquished by “multifactor authentication.”

“The importance of protecting yourself online can’t be overstated,” said Sarah Hamilton, head of global brand creative and strategy at Prime Video, in a company blog post. “With this PSA, we wanted to create a memorable, informative and actionable piece of content that will inspire our communities to consider their online safety more carefully.”

Amazon, National Cybersecurity Alliance

Protecting personal information

Amazon reports that in 2020, personal data was involved in 58% of data breaches. But the rise in apathy toward online breaches resulted in 64% of affected consumers neglecting to investigate whether their own personal data was affected by the breach.

“Empowering people with the knowledge and tools to operate safely online can help them protect their own personal information while combatting cyber threats of all kinds,” said Steve Schmidt, Amazon’s chief security officer, in the post. Schmidt stressed that the company’s goal is to give consumers simple, concrete steps—such as enabling multifactor authentication—to meaningfully impact their online security “despite the complex security threats that exist.”

For Jordan, who previously starred in Amazon’s 2021 Super Bowl commercial as a dreamy new version of Alexa, the opportunity to reunite with Thompson and Hunter to kick cybercriminal butt was a worthy cause.

“Being part of this PSA was an opportunity to work with Tessa again, one of my mentors—Paul Hunter—and to support the Amazon family to get this message out that cyber security and your privacy is really important,” he said. “Nobody wants their information stolen. As much as you can protect your information, and your family and friends, you should do that.”

Thompson added: “I was excited to be asked to be part of this PSA and to have the opportunity to use our platform to talk about how people can be safe in a space that we all participate in.”


Director: Paul Hunter Agency: Ventureland Production Comapny: Prettybird Productions

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